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“La Caplana”2014

This wine, a lovely white Gavi from the Denominazione di Origine Controllata E Garantita del Comune Di Gavi in Italy, is a delicious white wine that is almost effervescent, and beautifully star bright. It’s nose is creamy, with an almost foresty freshness with moss and evergreen notes. As this wine opens into the glass, it becomes warm pineapple, golden delicious apple flesh, roasted. The mouthfeel is delightfully buttery as well, smooth across the palate with tiny pinpricks of tropical fruit acidity. The Gavi evolves into grassy green freshness, ferns and beautiful white marble on the palate.

I’m not normally a fan of whites, and I seem to have said it a number of times, but this one surprised me. It keeps evolving and changing. Not bad at all!


Masciarelli is best known around these parts for it’s beautiful Montepulciano. It has been a real treat to listen to people trying to pronounce the name. This delightful white wine comes from Abruzzo Italy. On the nose, this wine presents with pears, hints of green apple, cracked white pepper, the openness and acidity of an almost sauv blanc character. The Masciarelli Trebbiano that I’m currently sipping is a 2014, and isn’t as zippy as it could be.

I switched glasses, because I was getting hints of Gorgonzola cheese, and bleu cheese mold. I thought that my Gorgonzola burger’s smell from last week had wafted into my glassware cupboard. Fresh glass in hand, the wine still has those aromas.

Masciarelli’s Trebbiano 2014 is delightfully welcoming, with all the flavors from the nose washing across the palate in the same succession. At this age, it’s not a stunner, but it is delicious. I’m pairing it with Park Avenue Bakery’s “Old World Loaf” and “Old Coc Cheddar.” The mildly sweet bread with the aged cheddar presents as a lovely partner to this trebbiano, the acidity and slight sparkle lend nicely to green apple flavors.

“Plinio” Vermentino 2013

Plinio Vermentino 2013 is a fun surprise from Italy, made by Bruni. The last Vermentino that I had was dry, and unpleasantly fruity, in an unbalanced way, as though someone had taken pineapple can juice and injected it with gin or something.

I decided to give this varietal a second chance, thinking I might share it with someone. Plans fell through, but I opened the bottle, anyways. This wine turned out to be much more pleasant than expected. It’s a beautiful day bright gold. It’s mellowed pineapple, as though it were canned, and dry, but not overtly fruity. It opens to starfruit, with hints of kiwi, leading to orange rinds with a relaxed finish.

My biggest weakness in recognizing wines is the whites. My descriptors for these aren’t nearly as broad because I haven’t had as much experience with them, and certainly not with well made white wines. Part of the problem that I run into, is that restaurants, and even wine bars serve white wines at ice-water temperatures, which flattens out ANY personality that a white wine could have. Do yourselves a favor, folks, and don’t leave white wine in the fridge before serving it. Instead, try leaving it in the garage, or a cool basement. This gives it a nice chill, without making it so cold that you could be drinking anti-freeze and not notice.

Lange Pinot Gris
This wine’s nose is ripe with gold pears, green apples, and evened out with hibiscus flowers. I expected a tart wine, but was pleased to find a pleasantly frizzante palate cleansing of pears, golden with hints of Asian pears around the edges.

King’s Ridge Pinot Gris
This wine might have gone bad. The aroma was almost rancid, rottenly overripe with green grass. Certainly the wine was from colder weather, and had flavors like tart green apples, and grapefruit. As it opened, the faults of potential oxidation abated, to show a mineral, grassy wine, that more resembled a sauvignon blanc. (As a side note, I have met only a handful of sauvignon blancs that I could stand).

Elk Cove Pinot Gris
This wine also had some flaws up front, that faded as I let it sit. It opened with acetone, perhaps gassed and saved after previously opening? The Elk Cove pinot gris smelled of overripe cantaloupe, celery, parsley, sea foam and was finished with refreshing lime. As it turns out, the Elk Cove Pinot Gris was my favorite of the night, with stunning cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and canned pear juice. The balance was exquisite, between fruit and acid.