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I wasn’t a fan of this Garnacha the first time I had it. Come to think of it, I wasn’t a fan of the Castano the first time that I had it either. The Altes Herencia Garnaxta Negra is sharp, bright, and kind of painful, like un-sweetened natural cranberry juice. This wine is sagey, tart, and agonizingly full of red tangy fruit.

This wine, while not pleasant to me, by itself for sipping, might be wonderful with food. I would recommend pairing it with big, fatty foods that could absorb and dance with the acid in this wine.


Senda 66

Senda 66 2013 is a delicious little tempranillo from La Mancha Spain. At 14% alcohol, it’s a little heavy, but it isn’t the syrupy giants you get from California these days. This wine’s nose is meaty with blackberry preserves, fruit leather, whiffs of spice over a great, furry velvet tannic structure. This wine is beauifully Spanish. I haven’t ever found meaty wines quite like the ones from Spain, Crianzas and Reservas. On the palate, it’s surprisingly lush, with a red apple flesh and skin finish.

This wine would pair beautifully with deli meats, semi-soft cheese and soft cheeses. Frankly, I’d love to enjoy this wine with chevre and buttery crackers.

Mas Donis Rosat 2013

Mas Donis Rosat 2013 was my second favorite Rose of this tasting. his wine comes from Capcanes, Spain. It’s composed of Grenache, Syrah, and Merlot. All of these grapes can be used for blending, Syrah, having the least history as a blending grape. All of these are big and juicy, yet the blend that Celler de Capcanes has created is light and delicate, like a rose, itself. It’s nose is roses, white peach stones, apricots, strawberries, and dark shale with hints of lava stone. Mas Donis Rosat is everything that a rose’ wine should be to me. It’s light, summery, enough body to feel like it was there, enough of a pleasant finish to ease you back to your feet after a “hello twirl” from a friendly companion, but doesn’t keep spinning you unpleasantly.
I was just speaking with a friend of mine about Rose’ wines. He said that he prefers them to reds, and wasn’t sure why. My response:
Rose’s are carefree, and light. They don’t feel like an undertaking. They’re a group out at the beach, or a road trip with hair blowing in the breeze. Reds are backbone, tradition, the cathedrals, and mountain top monasteries. Even at their lightest, reds are a night on horseback with a campfire. They still require planning, and at the least, already having the equipment in place.

Onix Priorat Classic 2011

Onix Priorat Classic 2011 is a delightful blend of Grenache and Carignan from Spain. As a 50-50 blend, this wine has distinct characteristics of both varietals. It is tart and passionate like Carignan, but is softened by the fruity easy-going nature of Grenache. There are flavors of red fruit, pomegranate, and red melons. To add polish, there are juniper and cedar notes that open to a giant cranberry juice blast! This wine is salsa music and tango in a dimly lit studio on a humid night.

Rabbit paired it with pot-roast, which brought out the very best black plum juice- this was a perfect pairing. I was impressed.


Location E-2

This is another Orin Swift Location wine. Location E-2 is a blend of grenache, tempranillo, monastrell, and carignan from Spain. This wine is deliciously meaty, violet hints of pastille candy, with a little bit of old oak. The sample of wine that I had for Location E-2 was opened before hand, and lacked a finish. I would attribute that to being open for so long. I wasn’t a fan, but it’s all subjective.