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The wine that I tried from Domaine de la Chanteleuserie was their Bourgueil Cab Franc 2014. This wine is a delicious Kermit Lynch selection, a cab franc! I don’t normally enjoy them as much as other reds because of the herbacious nature of the grape, but this wine surprised me. It has a deliciously rounded herbal character that compliments the star flavor profile of the wine, the bright red fruits. The wine is great velvet drapes in a private library, framing a sunny, ceiling high window, letting in dusty soft sunshine. I really love this little wine, from the appellation Bourgeil Controlee, it’s a wine that is a place that I would love to spend a day, in it’s high backed red velvet chairs, reading in that private library.


This fascinating wine made from Muscadet grapes, produced for/by Kermit Lynch comes from Domaine De L’Aujardiere in Loire France. This stunning wine appears as pale hay, star bright in the glass, with little bubbles lining the glass. It welcomes the nose with orange blossoms, Mandarin Oranges, fresh wild lemon grass, hints of citron and an ocean breeze.
Then I tasted it.
This wine has no bite, but it’s not super-fruity. It tastes of dry orange, with the barest effervescence across the palate. It tastes of orange rinds, the white innards of an orange peel, with beautiful tree fruit. It masks it’s residual sugar, which is there, but hidden beneath a delightful balance. The wine upon first taste is not bad, but not something I’d purchase again.
I paired it, and it exploded. This wine is a plain woman, understated perfectly, but becomes a Cinderella story when paired with the right food! I had this wine with a maple broiled steak, and honey crisp apple. The apple was a disaster, bringing out it’s moodiness, but the steak, was perfectly cut with this brilliantly hidden acid.
This wine is a delightful masterpiece you’d never expect to be a masterpiece at all. I love it.

CLos la Coutale 2010

This red blend from Cahors France is a stunner, and takes a moment to open up. It’s a bled of 80% Malbec, 20% merlot by Philippe Bernede, and imported by Kermit Lynch. When it does open, this wine is a deep pool of savory herbs, hints of violets, roes juicy blackberries, and a huge black plum body. It has a great spicy finish that melts away into black plum, and luscious fruit.

Clos La Coutale 2010

Clos La Coutale 2010 from Cahors France is a splendid blend of 80% malbec and 20% merlot. The merlot lends spice and structure to the giant juice of the malbec. This wine, imported by Kermit Lynch, takes some time to open up, but it has beautiful savory herbs, hints of violets, roses and super juicy black plums and blackberries. It has a fantastic spice to its finish, but as it opens, it gives way to luscious black fruit, with an enticing finish. This wine is fabulous, France’s slight biting tongue, with all the relaxing drizzle out in the countryside.

Clos La Coutale 10

Tintero Grangia

Kermit Lynch’s Tintero Grangia from Italy is a surprisingly sparkling refreshing splash. It is a shock of dry tropical fruit, delicate fruit, and whispers of pineapple. Grangia holds grass, lemon, and beautiful minerality with a fresh splash of melon and kiwi. It is reminiscent of Vinho Verde, but with more personality, and is not nearly as dry. This wine is the bubbly side of frizzante, and has no vintage- so I can only assume it’s a blend. I am thoroughly impressed.


Chateau Aney Cru Bourgeois 2010 is a delicious Kermit Lynch import that is immediately yeasty with inky tannins. It flows with black currants, red bark, a deliciously earthy walnut, morel mushrooms, and ends with red fruit, and red apple skins. Normally I’m not a fan of the super-yeasty wines, because they tend to be overpowered, but this one actually evolved in the glass. I liked how earthy this Bourgeois was without being overly spicy.

This Dolcetto d’Alba is made in the old style, with beautiful acid and tannin. It is aged in botti, and full of raisins, dried cranberries, cherry cordials, and opens to sage and thyme. It evolves in the glass, gaining depth, shine, and is gloriously fresh. This was, by far my favorite red from this Kermit Lynch tasting.

This last week, we had a visit from Lyle, Kermit Lynch’s wine rep for this area. We had a tasting up at Benny’s Restaurant, and we had 7 different wines. Here is the first:

Kuenz-Bas Alsace Blanc 2010: This stunning blend of Silvaner, muscat and Auxerrois come together to paint a masterpiece of green apples, golden pears,and floral honeysuckle across the palate the way one might see a springtime forest of greens, it’s layers so gossamer and delicate that it even possesses hints of apple blossoms. This wine is a beauty of balance, personality, and intensity.

Kermit Lynch made two Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, one rouge and one blanc. Both are from Vaucluse, France. This review is about the blanc 2012. It opens with pears, almost overripe golden delicious apple flesh and skin, pears, pineapples, with a nice mineral finish that is slightly dry but refreshing all the same. This wine is beautifully paired with roasted cabbage with a mild vinaigrette, or boiled red potatoes dipped in beef bourguignon. It provides a deliciously fruity foil (but not sweet) to it’s more reserved, masculine counterpart, which indeed is best paired with the beef stew.

Domaine Gramenon’s Poignee de Raisins 2011 Cotes du Rhone is one of Kermit Lynch’s lovely finds. This wine is a delicious grenache made with biodynamic yeast. It is full of delicious raspberries, mellow cherries, and while it is being big and open, this gem has a nice little spicy bite. Poignee de Raisins reminds me strongly of a loose over-sized sweater, the kind you borrow from an adult as a child.