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The present: I asked for something that was familiar, something that I’d miss, because it had been around so long, even if it had been an enemy. Topper had the solution, with a humorous twist. “Il Bastardo.” “The Bastard.” This wine is a 100% Sangiovese from Rufina, Italy. This wine stayed steady over 3-4 days, without losing quality to become vinegar immediately. Topper said this was a wine that hadn’t ever let him down, and it proved true for me as well.

This wine is a whirl of ruby fruit in the beginning, cassis, garam marsala, cinnamon sugar, fruity strawberries. It mellows out to easy prune, loose cranberries, and open red berries. This wine pairs well with a variety of foods, and changes in adaptability to each food. With brisket, it’s red and tart, cutting beautifully through the fat and sauce. With white chocolate, it becomes woody, earthy, and well-paired.

This wine is delicious, standard, easy-going, but something I could always come back to. It’s exciting in it’s own way, adaptable, and friendly.


An endeavor.

I went to Topper’s Wine Cellar a few days ago to retrieve a wine or two. Three, specifically.

I knew that we would probably carry these wines in our inventory, but I wanted specific advice, and Topper Is the Man to ask. My requests are fitting of my love affair with wine-

1. A wine of a renaissance romance, something of days gone by.

2. A husband. A wine that is something one would miss even if you weren’t close anymore, even though it’s always there.

3. What the future could potentially hold.

The first wine that I chose to drink, was the husband- turns out it was all a question of what was, what is, and what could be. the wine is called, “Il Bastardo.” It’s a 2012 Sangiovese from Rufina Italy, and it changed with each day that i drank it, after different experiences, but at its core, it remained ever the same, much like a good partner. The core you fell for, and the growth one might hope for.