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Folonari Chianti 2013

Folonari Chianti is the first of the Italian wines that I decided to tackle. I’m currently looking for good examples of each varietal in each country- the major ones, not the obscure, as fun as those are. The wine presented as cloudy garnet with slight rim variation, but is surprisingly clear.

The wine was very enjoyable the first day, but fell apart rather quickly a day or two later. The aromas are slate, earthy, mulchy, with bark spice. This wine reminds me of a Rhone blend, with higher acid.

Folonari Chianti is a delightfully fresh, sassy little wine that is perfect with savory meatballs.


It isn’t the horrible, soul-sucking corporation’s wine. This just happens to be an Italian winery. That said, this is a delicious Chianti blend of Sangiovese, caniolo, and colorino. It has stunningly lovely red cherries, hints of warm brown leather, cranberries, with mouthwatering acid, with bright red, but dusky fruit. Some Chianti’s are biting, some chianti’s are only good with food, but this one is really delicious and full of red fruit and spice.

Villa Luisa Chianti 2011

This is a different vintage of a wine that I’ve had before. I enjoyed the previous vintage, but this one is quite lovely. It comes from the Marchesi de Petri, from Pontedera Italy. This Chianti is blooming with blueberries, and raspberries. It is highly reminiscent of cherry cider with cider spices and whispers of chocolate. It is slightly meaty like venison.

Selvapianna Chianti Rufina 2011 is a deliciously approachable Italian wine from Rufina Italy. It’s opening notes are candied sage, sweet yellow cherries, thyme, with a body of evergreens, morel mushrooms, red fruits, earthy musk, with a pleasingly acidic finish that has dry, but not overly baked tannins. This wine is a great foil to food, as most Italian wines are, and was served with a venison stew on top of polenta, an northern Italian dish. It should be noted that polenta is a relatively new addition to Italy, corn being found primarily native to the Americas.