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Cune Rioja Gran Reserva 2010

This little Spanish wine came to me off of our damaged label shelf, a shelf at work that we put wines we can’t sell because of damaged packaging. Stores won’t sell them, because they won’t be able to get a full price. This Gran Reserva is a blend, with the main grape being tempranillo. It’s aged 24 months in French and American Oak, and then another 36 in the bottle.

The nose is a delicious baking spice, red fruit laugh. It’s full of raspberries, Flathead cherries, and bold oak vanilla toast flavors. The finish is a blend of oak and spice, with an acid kick that cleanses the palate. For as easygoing as this wine actually is, Cune does have quite a few surprising little nuances.

I’m shocked and pleased.


Cesari Mara is a delightful Italian wine made with the ripasso method. In a ripasso wine, the wine is a lighter wine, made from the partially dried skins of grapes that have already been used for an Amarone wine. Cesari Mara Ripasso is a beautifully light, fruity, but not sweet red wine. It is full of cherry vanilla flavors, aromatic savory herbs, sage, and thyme. The oak is evident in a frame of toasty wood, and brush strokes of red currants to highlight the cherries.
I really love this wine- it is both delicious and easy to drink. Some reds are unapproachable, and Italian wines even more so- often being huge and tannic, tight and prickly. I used to feel like they’d dry my tongue out and crack it, they were so spicy.