I had the privilege visitng Alleromb tasting room/winery in Walla Walla Washington, on my last trip. A beautiful space, with light wood floors, and glorious decor, showcasing local artists, I was impressed before I even lifted a glass.

The set of chardonnays I had from the Alleromb winery was, hands down, the very  BEST that I have ever had. Say what you will about chardonnay, but the Morell family has made this grape shine like I never thought possible. There was a set of 3 chardonnays that I was tasted on. These three were made in the image of the three young daughters, Gemma Camaryn, Camylla Loren, and Ysabella Bjork. Each of these wines is tailored to showcase each daughter’s personality. All three had were distinctly the same family, but the subtle notes are clearly different personalities within that family. This was a beautiful illustration of the art that can be done with wine, like portraits in paint, of three distinctly different people.

The label describes Camylla Loren as, “The typical middle child, Camylla Loren is our “power house,” vigorous, and confident.  She makes herself heard, pushing the boundaries of fun and serious. Expect the same form this wine, forward and dense with a strikingly tannic spine and terrific balance.”

I couldn’t agree more. This is wine is an amazing balance of pears and golden fruit, with tamarinds, and excellent florals of freesia, lilies, lilac and lavender and oak. The oak which is more often than not, a disastrous sticking place with chardonnay, is in perfect harmony with the other elements of Camylla Loren, to create a finish that still lasts 30 seconds after the sip itself has ended. The oak adds a level of sweet vanilla that laces through the power and joy of the fruity florals.

This is, by far, the very best chardonnay I have ever had.