Tis the Season for Rose! Spring is in the air, the mud from melting snow is almost dried out, and it’s just about planting time. I was looking at our line up at work, thinking, “Wow, rose’ is everywhere.” I’m thoroughly tired of doing PR pieces, but there’s one set of rose’ wine that just does not ever seem to sell. Normally, I’d attribute it to a bad maker, or just the wrong market, but sparkling rose has had a terrible rap.

I’m currently endeavoring to try a few of these, in the hopes that they’re no longer the ultra-sweet, soda like crap I’ve come to know and abhor.

“Mas” Retails 10.99, a cava from Torrelles de Fox, Spain, by Josep Masachs. This cava has surprisingly delicate bubbles, and it behaves like a real sparkling wine, not just one with CO2 pumped into it for effect. The deep salmon color is appealing, with a fresh nectarines and peaches, yellow stone fruit that make it great for an palate. The fruit is balanced beautifully with how dry this cava is across the palate. “Mas” is fresh, stony, dry, with a refreshing pop of acid across the palate in the end, as cava is wont to do. I really appreciate how straight forward this rose is, but with just enough depth to be interesting. This would pair beautifully with a cheese board, nuts, and charcuterie at an event. The beautiful mauve coloring would add a touch of class to any event. Love it!

Domain De La Chanteleuserie’s “Fine Bubbles” imported by Kermit Lynch Retail: 19.99. Originally, I had thought, you can’t go wrong with a Kermit Lynch, but the second I opened the bottle, the bubbles exploded like I had opened soda. The bubbles are exciteable, and not refined. I’m hoping that the wine is better than it first leads into.

I am not disappointed. This wine is interesting, because it’s what anyone might expect of a rose, with watermelon, strawberries, and berry flavors that might appeal to any person who hadn’t had wine before. However, there’s a beautiful little acidic edge to the finish that’s almost tropical. It opens to a splendidly aromatic richness that is still a fishnet of berries, but it’s also ocean fresh.

I enjoyed both of these Sparkling rose’ wines from abroad. I am hoping that our stateside sparklers will be just as impressive.

sparkling rose